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The Red Notebook: True Stories

The Red Notebook True Stories

Paul Auster has earned international praise for the imaginative power of his many novels including em The New York Trilogy Moon Palace The Music of Chance Mr Vertigo em and em Timbuktu em He has also published a number of highly original non fiction works em The Invention of Solitude Hand to Mouth and The Art of Hunger em In em The Red Notebook em Auster again explores events from the real world large and small tragic and comic that reveal the unpredictable shifting nature of human experience A burnt onion pie a wrong number a young boy struck by lightning a man falling off a roof a scrap of paper discovered in a Paris hotel room all these form the context for a singular kind of em ars poetica em a literary manifesto without theory cast in the irreducible forms of pure story telling

Collected Poems

Collected Poems

Paul Auster s penetrating and charged verse resembles little else in recent American poetry This collection of Auster s poetry translations and composition notes from early in his career do much to reinforce the idea that Paul Auster is indeed a unique and masterful figure in the literary world Taut densely lyrical and everywhere informed by a powerful and subtle music this selection of writings begins with the compact verse fragments of Spokes written when Auster was in his early twenties and Unearth continues on through the more ample meditations of Wall Writing Disappearances Effigies Fragments From the Cold Facing the Music and White Spaces then moves further back in time to include Auster s revealing translations of many of the French poets who influenced his own writing as well as the provocative and previously unpublished Notes From A Composition Book An introduction by Norman Finkelstein connects biographical elements to a consideration of the work and takes in Auster s early literary and philosophical influences br br Powerful haunting and precise this view from the past to the present will appeal to those unfamiliar with this aspect of Auster s work as well as those already acquainted with his poetry

Paul Auster and Postmodern Quest: On the Road to Nowhere

Paul Auster and Postmodern Quest On the Road to Nowhere

Paul Auster published his first prose work the autobiographical i The Invention of Solitude i in since then his fiction has gained ever growing popular and critical acclaim This book is a stimulating pioneering study of eight works that make up the Auster canon i The Invention of Solitude i the three novellas that comprise i The New York Trilogy i and the novels i In the Country of Last Things Moon Palace The Music of Chance i and i Leviathan i Focusing on the quest which she sees as the master narrative of all of Auster s novels Shiloh examines Auster s writing in a multi layered context of literary and philosophical paradigms relevant to his practice such as the American tradition of the open road the generic conventions of detective fiction postmodernist concepts of the subject Sartre s and Camus s existentialist theories and Freud s and Lacan s psychoanalytic models all of which offer enriching and insightful perspectives on Auster s poetics

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Beginning with the short fragments of Spokes and continuing on through the more ample meditations in Facing the Music this selection of Paul Auster s poetry reveals a voice that has been consistently faithful to its visionary impulses Disappearances books by Paul Auster

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