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Title:My Inventions
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Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a Genius

Wizard The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla Biography of a Genius

Nikola Tesla credited as the inspiration for radio robots and even radar has been called the patron saint of modern electricity br br Based on original material and previously unavailable documents this acclaimed book is the definitive biography of the man considered by many to be the founding father of modern electrical technology br br Among Tesla s creations were the channeling of alternating current fluorescent and neon lighting wireless telegraphy and the giant turbines that harnessed the power of Niagara Falls

Colorado Springs Notes, 1899-1900

Colorado Springs Notes

His research diary It reveals his mind during an important period of research and shows the enthusiasm and fervor he put into his projects Moving to Colorado Springs to work with millions of volts of tremendous potentials he found the earth could be set into electrical oscillation creating a source of free energy available at all spots on the globe with the use of a simple tuning apparatus

The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla: HAARP - Chemtrails and the Secret of Alternative 4

The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla HAARP Chemtrails and the Secret of Alternative

SENSATIONAL DATA OBTAINED FROM THE INVENTOR S MOST PRIVATE PAPERS AND KEPT UNDER WRAPS BY THE MILITARY AND BIG BUSINESS CONCERNS This book is for all those who feel that the military industrial complex is attempting to control our lives our financial affairs and our belief structure The evidence is overwhelming Discredited in his time Nikola Tesla was made out by business competitors and the government to be nothing more than a kook Nonetheless the same conspirators later duplicated and possibly even stole many of Tesla s most fabulous inventions which could soon change the course of history as well as our lives EXPOSED Reverse Gravity Free Energy Contact With Hidden Dimensions Mysterious Signals From Space Earth Changes Freak Weather Electric Death Rays UFOS Partical Beam Weapons Put into Top Secret use by agents of the New World Order and the global political monetary elite many of Tesla most powerful and potentially dangerous scientific discoveries are being turned against ordinary citizens in programs of behavior and physical modification This is being done to influence our critical thinking and belief patterns to make us more susceptible to the mental commands of the Secret Government One of the most recognizable of these sinister programs is the seeding of clouds with mind and body altering chemicals These mysterious chemtrails as they are called have been widely seen and photographed as they cris cross the sky in bewildering patterns Tesla fought all his life against the Evil Empire which is emerging as a fire breathing dragon as we get pushed head first into the new millennium

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This important title is the autobiography of Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla appropriately titled his work on his life My Inventions as he was one of the most important inventors and scientists in history The book touches on his life and career his first inventions discovering the magnetic field tesla coil and transformer and the manifying transmitter There is also a chapter on the art of teleautomatics This book should be read by anybody interested in the life of this important inventor and scientist and his important discoveries which have revolutionized the world My Inventions books by Nikola Tesla

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